Evolution, not Revolution

This blog is dedicated to be a journal of sorts. I won't post often, but rather when I think something is important. I won't re-blog stuff typically, unless its critical info pertaining society. I guess this will more be about the wrongs I see in the world and when I need to a place to rant that's not Facebook.

What I Believe

I believe that currently, there is no religious truth. All is questionable, all is right and wrong. The problem is when you think you are the truth and everyone else is wrong. Faith as a concept is wonderful, using that to influence or forcing it on others is wrong. I am sick of people being hurt both physcially and psychologically because of your PERSONAL beliefs! If you don’t want to have a Western education then don’t. If you don’t want to use contraceptives, then don’t. Same with technology, types of governments, etc. But don’t you dare even tell someone that your way is better, let alone enact laws around that notion. Certainly don’t wage a war because of that. People deserve to have their own ways of life, because it’s their life, not yours! If some one believes in fairies or dragons or something that isn’t ‘real,’ if they aren’t hurting anyone, let them be. I don’t approve of normalcy and ‘fixing’ people. Do I feel bad for some people because they have the inability to function in the society we have created, yes. But that’s on us, not them. This is what believe and how I live my life. Please consider my thoughts, but don’t follow them unless that’s what you want to believe.

Human Decency

I went to C2E2 this weekend and on my way home Saturday night, I witnessed something disturbing. I was waiting to get on a bus and a black man can screaming and running toward the nearby train station. He banged on the glass and kept screaming incoherently. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were open, but he began running in the street as I got on the bus. I realized that the police needed to be called but my phone was dead. I asked people on the bus to call 911, but they ignored me and LAUGHED at the man. I’m sure he was either on drugs or mentally ill. Either way, he needed help. Some teenagers started to to film him as he banged on the bus and then he ran across the street where more teenagers filmed him instead of calling 911. I felt horrible for the man and angry at everyone on the bus, especially the teenagers.

When I got off the bus at the same stop as the teenagers. After I had started walking home, I yelled at the fro ma distance, “You did the wrong thing, you should have called!” They yelled some thing back to me, but I couldn’t make out what it was. Probably an insult. I ran home and as soon as I got in the door I called 911 from the land-line. I told them about the man that was at the stop 15 minutes ago and stressed that he was unarmed and not hurting anyone.

I hope he is okay and getting the help he needs. I worry that I was too late and he was hit by a car or shot by ignorant police. I have not seen a news story about him in the days that followed and haven’t gotten up the courage to check with the police station. I also hope that the teenagers realize sooner rather than later, that their lack of action was wrong and they will do the right thing next time.

P.S. If anyone knows what happened the man near the Kimball Brown line stop in Chicago around 10PM on 4/26/2014 please message me