About me and this Blog

Hey there my name’s Anthony and I’m in college studying electronics. Specifically, alternative energies. I believe we (as an intelligent race), have a moral obligation to preserve the planet and helping each other in any way we can. However much people may love or hate technology, it is simply a tool. One that can be used to help or harm, Isolate or connect. Its not what the tool is, its how we choose to use it. So in this blog I will focus on what people are doing positively with technology in the world. This is meant to be a feel good blog from a field I enjoy reading about. There will be heartwarming stories of great inventions an those people that make them as well as the people or animals that benefit from them. I will always provide sources for posts and links when available. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy posting to it.

Thanks for Reading,


P.S. Green tip of the day: Make sure your home is well insulated so it takes less energy to heat it. (Also will save you money on your electricity bill!)

Posted Feb 25, 14